...creator of Worm Drive the Musical, maintains a strong interest in organic gardening. He has gardened since the early seventies. He feels there is a definite connection between the quality of our food/soil and our health/environment. The best quality food would be that which is grown locally in rich, healthy soil in a method that is called organic (no need of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or gmo seeds). Ron feels that if quality life is to survive, we have to make changes in the way we treat our soil (which is the way, of course, that we treat our planet, i.e. healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy foods, healthy people). Anything that promotes destruction of soil organisms (the greatest decomposers in the food chain) can result in environmental disaster. That disaster works its way up to the higher end of the food chain and affects our health. It is his belief that our health is already being compromised to a great extent, due to food quality issues.

Ron has played guitar and written music since the mid-sixties. He has taken his love of creating music and combined that with his gardening philosophy ... thus, Worm Drive the Musical.

Since the conception of Worm Drive, he has dreamed of it as being the banner of an immense grass roots movement towards better public awareness in regards to food quality and how that can effectively better our personal health and the environment. Worm Drive helps us to understand that we can support soil conservation by buying organically-grown foods. There are still many issues that can challenge our choices in the food marketplace: quality, availability, price, GMO by design, consumer awareness, and attitude, to name a few.

Ron Wright

Farmer Ron can rub his belly and pat his head at the same time.


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